Estate Planning

Losing a loved one is never easy, but a well-drafted estate plan can minimize stress and help avoid ugly conflicts between heirs. A basic estate plan, available for $1150 for a couple, $650 for an individual, includes a will, power of attorney, and a medical directive. With these documents you can rest easy knowing that your wishes will be honored after you pass, and that during your life there is someone who can handle your affairs should you be unable.

If your estate is potentially subject to estate tax, an estate plan can save your heirs thousands or millions in taxes. Taxable estate plans are more complex than nontaxable and the price for a couple is $2250 and $1450 for an individual.  A basic taxable estate plan, in addition to what is included a regular estate plan also consists of trust provisions to minimize taxes. Depending on the complexity of your estate and your desire to avoid taxation, more planning may be necessary including trusts for life insurance or the use of LLCs and other entities.

The first step in drafting an estate plan is the completion of a basic questionnaire which provides me with the information necessary to prepare for our first meeting. At that meeting we will discuss your planning objectives and how we can best meet your needs. I will then put together some draft documents and provide those to you. Later, we will meet to go over those in detail making sure that it includes everything you want. I don’t believe that my clients should sign anything without understanding what they are signing. I will do my best to make sure that your documents are understandable. Once the documents are finalized we will meet for a signing.